What We Do

Myth Pictures is an independent film company producing feature films with compelling stories; where narrative always takes precedence over scope.

That is not to say we’re solely interested in small art-house films — far from it. It’s simply our philosophy to consider the story’s emotion over the potential for being commercial or mainstream.

Our belief is that compelling stories with strong emotional connection will inherently lend themselves to commercial success, without objectively aiming for those ends.

How We Do It

The company has a "hands-on" methodology. One of the unfortunate consequences of the fall of the studio system was the break-up of the studio "family" — talented individuals who worked in concert on many projects throughout their careers. This was a fertile environment that made more than a few great movies.

Myth Pictures fosters this work ethic and as such, at its core, is a group of talent encompassing cinematography, matte painting, model making, art direction, creature creation, et. al. — and in the case of owner Kelley Cross, writing and directing. It’s with this communal filmmaking group that Myth Pictures thrives.

This is not a unique enterprise. Many directors have adopted this way of working ranging from John Ford to Ridley Scott. In short, films are a personal vision; but collaboration can and does enhance that vision, and familial collaboration facilitates a short-hand communication to that end.

Why We Do It

Nothing tells a story quite like a movie — especially a really good movie. To be a good filmmaker however, you must be a good storyteller — but perhaps most important, you must need to tell stories.

The process from story to screen is delicate and needless to say, challenging, fraught with obstacles, pitfalls and more than a few gotchas. The struggle to get a film off the ground, let alone see it to completion, is not for the faint hearted.

That said, it is this very process, along with the challenges that lie therein, that provide the lifeblood for Myth Pictures. Like all worthwhile endeavors, it's not so much about the result as it is the path that leads us there.

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